Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises Advisory 

India is an emerging global business player and foundation of this would be MSME. 

MSME represent Micro, Small, & Medium Enterprises, Some time it is also known as SSI or Small service Industries if it is in manufacturing sector or SSP (Small Service Provide) if it is in service sector.

Considering the importance of this segment Govt of India, have set an independent ministry named, Ministry of MSME. If you also own a small business and want to take it forward there are numerous schemes such as Finance scheme, Training Scheme, Government Grant for purchase of promotion of such MSME has been initiated by the said Ministry. Mumbai being the financial hub of country houses numerous business entities. Keeping in mind the need of registration of MSME, we are going to introduce some practical information related to same MSME segment herewith.

However to take benefit or to become eligible for all benefits the very first requirement is to register your business entity with MSME Registration requirements. Here we will try to provide some vital information for MSME and its related benefits to your Business.

SME along with startups could be a good combination; where one can plan a business success without owing entire business risk.

We advice to our clients for best possible scheme to their business; also assist in dealing with various Government departments such as Department of MSME; NSIC etc.

Shared Services : Small and Medium enterprises find it difficult to engage high cost, full time professional to handle accounts, compliance, statutory work, tax planning, financial strategy etc.

Our team assist on a Time-Share model to reduce the load on companies. We assist in setting up the team - , its recruitment and training. This helps companies manage the corporate finance function and add significant strategic insights to the promoter’s decision-making process.

  • Forecasting and Planning
    • Forecast budgets
    • Prepare annual cash flow projections
    • Projecting capital expenditure
  • Building Accountability
    • Define accounting policies and procedures to effectively meet the requirements of the business.
    • Build Internal control mechanisms to ensure zero pilferage and true reporting of numbers. 
  • Reporting and Analysis
    • Prepare Management dashboards for effective monitoring of the key business parameters.
    • Conduct a financial and operating analysis to build strategic insights for promoters.
  • Monitoring
    • Manage working capital
    • Interface with bankers, investors and manage investor relations
    • Raise funds

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