Startup Advisory    

The term “startup” has been bandied around with increasing frequency over the past few years to describe scrappy young ventures.

Government of India is also proposing lot of financial and tax incentives to these creative enterprises.

Team AAGN is also geared up to assist you in making your dream business plan a flying success.

At AAGN, we work with early stage, expansion and high growth opportunities companies. We offer unique expertise that blends successful entrepreneurial experience, academic /legal insight and practical business analysis. We specialize in bringing clarity to complex business models and in creating plans tailored for a sophisticated investor audience. We ensure that all written materials viz. business plan, financial models and executive summary .

Business Setup

We help you clear the initial hurdles, including legal setup, operational setup and administrative processes.

Our tax specialists are experienced in working with SME’s, Mid-Corporates and Corporates across different sectors and can help design your organization’s tax planning and compliance procedures that are in sync with the commercial objectives of your business.

Business Planning

Our team assist you in creating a sustainable business model. We will help quantify every aspect of your business and plan your next moves.

Financial Planning

Our experts help you in all financial scenarios by creating a detailed liquidity plan, establishing the timeline of necessary resources and defining investment strategy.

Business Strategy

Know your market. We’ll help you find your niche, position yourself in the industry, conceptualize business scenarios and define concrete goalpoints and milestones.

Branding Services

We are partnered with the Leading Marketing Agencies and experts who provides diverse range of business needs and brings marketing strategies to vibrant life.

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